Martin Podolinský

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Martin Podolinský

He developed intranet applications for Czech Telecom and O2. He participated in the launch of online banking for the Wirecard bank in Germany. He worked as a product lead for RedHat / JBoss Enterprise Portal. He designed and implemented risk management tools for Raiffeisen Bank International, Erste Bank and others.

He is currently intensively working on creating his own product. He has actively used and promoted scrum and agile approach since 2006, allowing it to assess different approaches and their impacts.

I saw large teams that were extremely effective thanks to scrums. Scrumbut teams - yeah, yeah we do scrum, but .... But even a big corporate project that avoided closing with a change of approach and methodology with great loss and today is very successful . The pledge assumes that Scrum is not self-sustaining and may not even be applicable, but one is a very effective tool combined with others. Since 2014 he is the founder and managing director of CloseIT.


  • translates the theory of scrum methodology into the practical setting of a team of developers
  • how to keep an overview of the current status of the project
  • share best practices of development from testing to release management