Feel Scrum is a brand created by CloseIT. Developers and Scrum Masters, who, over decades have experienced scrumptious application and IT team leadership in Startups and big corporates, and have decided to pass their experience through a hands-on workshop.

We are tired of theories and empty talks. We have built 2 types workshops: for IT managers and leaders of It teams, and for developers to boost their skills and coding best practices. You will avoid a failure in practice, streamline development and build responsiveness to the agile changes that almost always come from the client.


The biggest fails we met

Scrum, BUT..
Coding, BUT..
Management vs IT teams

Shortly about CloseIT company

CloseIT - team of developers and Scrum masters who think and act as an extension of our clients' teams. We are committed to providing a complete business solution. From the overview of your own workflow status, which helps you make informed decisions based on data and facts, to Business Intelligence and Automated Model Management.

We have been working under Scrum's agile framework, and over the years of team work and existing on the edge of the world of management and development, we have seen an ever-changing pattern of inefficient use of Scrum and developer habits. Also, working on the WebDOMU Startup and developing our own Lifecycle Management (MLM) software has brought us a new insight, and we founded Feel Scrum, which puts emphasis on increasing efficiency and reducing costs by preventing failures by practice.